13 Dec 2013

[dairy] Words To A Girl Named Lucy

While I was giving a free English volunteering session to a young girl named Lucy last night, I had found out how screw up the society and education system in Taiwan are. However, there is still hope, as I heard the words came out from a youngster been so intelligent. The following words are for you, Lucy.

Yeah baby, what's up
Don't you wonder why they all tell you to shut up
Now suit up and listen up
I got something that's gonna cheer you up

Their lies are about to blow up
Our world ain't a box and sounded like they had it brought up
Yeah, they are all animals that're been chained up
Trained like zombies and thoughts can't keep up

Just like you said that all your friends are all messed up
Following rules like they are words gods talked up
So blind and never know if they goof up

Yo girl, there is something you gotta listen up
It's time for you to smart up and wake up

Question everything and anything, cause you are fed up
Don't just read and believe everything been put up
Asking questions ain't like those fools said are act up
Anyone says you are disordered needs to wise up

Just cause they are chicken, doesn't mean you have to wrap it all up
They had lost brain functions and need fresh back up
The education system you got is screwed up
Ain't nobody's gonna tell you the truth when they are choked up

Telling you gotta do good in school and score up
Next step is a great college to follow up
So there will be a good job for you to sign up
Then get a decent salary so you can get pick up and break up
A family is in order like the path of life has been drew up

If you believe all these non-senses then you are dolled up
You are who you are, so just dream up
When again you got a huge wave coming up
Remember that feeling and get yourself freed up
You got what it takes to get your life doubled up
All the possibilities you get to choose up

Show the facts to them but I know they still won't eat up
Just be who you are and get your dance floor heated up
Everyone of us is unique and nothing's got that fact held up

You are the queen of your own world and that's a sum up
The future is yours to control, so bang it up
Anyone on your way just ignore them before you say heads up
Their eyes and brains need to open up
Somebody's gotta find their buried heart and dig up
Brain damage is hard to fix since they're so psych up

Don't waste your time to shut them up
Clowns as they are just won't listen up
What you need to do is to find your soul and team it up

That's right girl, you're still young to get a soul served up
What you doing now are great, so keep them up
Be brave and ask your way out of life so you won't foul up

Yo girl, that's right, your life is for your own to jazz up
In the end, all I got to say is that you need to juice up
If you need any assist and I will pop up
When you are lost and I will keep you away from messing up
I hate to see your soul goes to waste like those dumbos end up
We got to show the world that we got it hard up

10 Dec 2013

[movie] Repo Men (2010)

Rating: ☆☆☆
We are all alive and we are all dead.
I have always loved the British accent of Jude Law and surely it was another great performance by him. Think of a world where organ transfer does not require the wait for someone else to be dead anymore, however, comes with the unbearable sum of payment for artificial organs. When you cannot pay up the loan, the so-called "Repo Men" will come and reclaim these organs right out of you, dead or alive. In fact, you will be dead anyway.

The concept of the story is really original, as it involves with the moral where if the artificial organs surely belong to the company sold, can these organs still be removed when a man's life will be taken away at the same time? A battle between staying alive and value of wealth demonstrates in the movie, and has taken the level of such idea to a more actual ground. We have all seen when people's houses, cars, and properties be taken away by the bank or government, however, people do not die from such action, but only suffer lower quality of live. What happen if it is something that will kill you if were taken away?

I've got one question though, doesn't the insurance cover inquiry occur from the job? Even they are on the contract term, still, there should be insurance covering everything, otherwise, who wants to do jobs like this dangerous?

A business is a business. Really?

8 Nov 2013

[diary] To Serve & Protect? I Don't See It

The discussion this morning had made me disappointed from head to toes. I can't really blame that person for not finding the answer for me, but his attitude has really made him an ass.

His position is suppose to be serving, but in fact, there is no any sign nor mind of serving shown when talking to him. I guess sometimes you just need to take the matters in your own hands and do it yourself. You can't have hopes from a hopeless person.

I will try not to let his bad behavior ruining my day. A stop needs to be called.

[131108 16:13 update]: After doing some excises and showering, I still feel pissed.
[131108 22:07 update]: A "valid / legitimate" reason, can someone explain what kind of reasons fit this description?

28 Sept 2013

[diary] 思念擁有過的東西


I guess I don't care what or how people extend the meaning from my writing, after all, they ain't me, I ain't them. Why should I ever give a damn about what others think when I am only been honest to "myself"? The only problem stands between me and the current situation is miscommunication, and it looks like a very serious problem right now.

Ironically, I teach communication, and how to have effective communication skills; and yet, I am the only one who can't communicate at all. If you ever asked me nicely, I would tell you everything meant in the posted blog, but you didn't. I got pissed and emotioned, then rejected to explain anything just because I felt I've been tried of explaining everything that I don't necessary need to.

We are walking on the line of an endless circle.

24 Aug 2013

[diary] Crossing The Line

Lately, I've been crossing the lines many times. Sometimes, I think that the moment of truth is scary before actually getting into it, but once that time has passed, you either feel regretful or completely forget about it.

It makes me wonder that what the hell am I doing right now. Fooling around just because I can? or is it that I am just tired of the current status. It's a question that I need to ask myself.
何雁詩 撲火
霧裡花 捉不到因此美麗
快樂如泡影 觸碰會盡逝
雪正燒 當火舌蔓延光輝
世上最短的夏季 最小的樓蟻
難道我 能讓愛漫漫遺留盛世
曇花開過 也算燦爛過
從人間天國 與你暢遊過
偏偏像燈蛾 經得消磨
如流星閃過 你要記住我
如洪水湧過 隔世註定的錯
前塵燃亮過 一剎烈火
你髮膚傷透 流淚的是我

伴你走 不需要呼出約誓
痛在眉宇間 終也會漸逝
雪正燒 當火舌蔓延燒燬

愛在美好的前世 勇敢的來世
憑著我 成就愛 動盪全無忌諱

曇花開過 也算燦爛過
從人間天國 與你暢遊過
偏偏像燈蛾 經得消磨
如流星閃過 你要記住我
如洪水湧過 隔世註定的錯
流言傳頌過 一闕情歌
你巳經傷透 還未想恨我

3 Aug 2013

[feel] Hon`s Death

The truth, is something that everyone already has in mind.

So what is it that we really are asking? A better environment when servicing army? Anyone who is responsible or related to the event should pay for it somehow? To what extend and level of this event should be traced back to? Who is it to decide, up to who or where this thing should stop?

Yes, any life should never be taken away easily. However, what I don't understand is, out of ten of thousands people die unjustly in the world daily, why does this life cause so much attention to Taiwanese? There are of course so many possible reasons that one can think of. Whichever is right or wrong, does it really matter? Living in the world of reality, this is really a question I continuously think about.

[diary] 關子嶺 & 白河

Two days and one night little in-town traveling (although said in-town, but still took an hour drive to get here).

Away from from work? No, damn man, I am still checking out tutoring opportunities, hence I am a workaholic indeed.

Dinner is another 40 minutes drive, with friend lamb rice, fried beef noodle, 蚵仔湯, fried fish 肚 and 豆花.

Coming back with more snacks and beers, and I am totally full at the moment.

21 Jul 2013

[diary] Shopaholic

Yes, it is that time of the year again. No, it is not Boxing Day. My own shopping season has started with my urge to own things; yeah, sort of..

  • Asus Padfone Infinity 64G w/ station
  • Ray Ban
  • Anti mildew gel x 2
  • zilosoap Smellkiller (Large) x 1
  • zilosoap Smellkiller (Small) x 2
  • Chang Jiang THL-W8
  • Handheld vacuum (Supa Fine HF-3238)
  • Sodastream Jet (White)

24 Jun 2013

[diary] Sleepless

It's almost 5:30 in the morning, and yet I can't feel a bit sleepy. Hyper feelings jumping all around in my brain. I always feel there are so much to do, and yet it depresses me when I just feel tired and fall asleep before getting to them.

You know, just a little nap, it won't hurt anyone, right?

No, it always turns out to be a more than 5 hours sleep, and see where I am at now? Sleepless!

At least I did some laundry today, not like that I haven't done anything. A coming week of full time tutoring is something keeping the thoughts going, I suppose. There is a huge thunder storm right now; hope it doesn't last for the week, I hate it when I have to get all wet when riding the bike.

Maybe I should make a list of what I hate and like, there are so many lists I can make out of myself, LOL. I really need to get some sleep now, even though the first class today is at 7 in the evening, but I got this 2 hours class at 9AM on Tuesday, don't want to get all tired now, do we.

The throat ache is sort of leaving and coming, let's see how it goes when I finish all three days of medicines.

[130624 update]: wake up time, 3PM

22 Jun 2013

[diary] Burn in Throat

The side effect of being a full-time English tutor is that you will never know when you are going to lose your voice. The burning sensation in my throat has lasted several weeks now, and I finally took the time on today's day off to check about it.

It turns out that I actually had a cold and did not even notice about it, so my nose has infection that caused my throat to burn. Now I got to take medicines to cure the nose first, then throat would follow.

Got to admit, tutoring full time is good money, even better than when I was working in Taipei, but the irregular schedule for sessions is sort of set back for this type of profession. Anyhow, I am still glad that my TEFL certification which received ten years ago, has its full usage now.

18 Jun 2013

[movie] 狗咬狗 (Dog Bite Dog) 2006





14 Jun 2013

[diary] Smoking & Grave's Disease



是不是該認真地思考這些關聯?菸齡也十八年了,說quit就quit,這個念頭老實說從未cross my mind,但是如果說真的幫助呢?一生服藥也不是我期待的狀態,增長的組織是否能由手術割除呢?


11 Jun 2013

[movie] Soul Surfer 2011

Watching Soul Surfer yesterday had inspired me a lot in many ways. Even when you lose something so important like your arm, but there is always something behind it; a gift, wish or blessing. The possibility is endless, if you only believe in yourself (no, I am a non-believer, so don't feed me god is there that kind of info).

I wish there is more chances for me to give back to the world that gave me so much. Before my journey back to Canada, I must spend some more time in international volunteering.

Couple ideas though:
  • Hawaii is so damn beautiful, if I can find a job there, maybe I will!!
  • Surfing is so cool; probably same as the snowboarding that I have always suck at

16 May 2013

[feel] Lesson in Life

"Letting go" is the hardest lesson that you ever learn in life.

After ten long years, I still fail the course miserably, it makes me wonder, if there is another ten years, would I be able to pass the class? There is never an easy way out, I've locked my soul and thought in this tiny box which no one has the key to it., not even myself.

I left the box behind, but it always has its own way catching up to me from time to time. A secret will always be a mystery to me, and the ones I love and loved.

14 Apr 2013

[feel] Marriage

Again, I am seeing all my friends got married or had kids, this is really something confusing and troubling me.

This is the crisis of my life, seeing all my ex(s) married and friends had children; makes me wonder what should happen at this point of my life. This is not a question I should be asking myself, as this is my life after all.

I am scared.

Scared of what might I have to do in the next few years of my life, all the decisions that I will be making might lead down the roads with unexpected results. My life had never been the way I want it to be, or I should say that I've never actually planned my life for what path it should be heading.

All I did were following the flow. Somehow, I think I learnt a lot along the way, and I hope I can stay this way of not regretting any part of my life in future. All I have today are impossible without the helps of my family and friends, as well as my enemies. Everything that I've been through had made me a stronger and wiser person.

For whom I am today, I thank you; my family, friends and enemies.

2 Apr 2013

[diary] I've ROOTED My Sony Xperia TX (Finally!!)

爬文三天,嘗試兩天,終於成功root了我的Xperia TX!



6 Mar 2013

[event] 三月九日廢核遊行,你/妳來嗎?


但是這都不重要,因為我的看法就是 "If you can't control something, you don't deserve to own it"


我反核四的原因簡單來說就是,人類尚無完全了解且控制核能的能力與科技,今天大家可以說世界各地不都有核能廠,台灣都已經有三座在運轉了,多一座又有什麼差?但是"意外"稱作為"意外"的原因就是無法避免且在意料之外,請不要漠視福島和 Chernobyl 的現實事件,這塊土地並不屬於人類,是 Mother Earth 的,她想給你就給你,想拿回去時你猜都猜不透是什麼時候.我們現在自以為擁有世界,擁有一切資源,但是其實我們只是在盡保管之職而已.





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5 Mar 2013

[tech] Solving not Finding NWZ-W202 Driver on Windows Update

When I am trying to hook up my Sony NWZ-W202 MP3 player to my computer with Windows 7 64bit, Windows told me there is no driver found online, so I went googling (yes, google is now a verb), and found there is a "Content Transfer" driver + software by Sony; happily as I did, installed it.

After the installation, I re-hook the player to computer, and it now says will go to Windows Updates to look for driver, but then failed after searching. I am shocked, and nothing says about connecting to a device after I opened the Content Transfer.

So I googled again, now I found a way for it to work

  1. When searching (installing) driver bubble pops up, select do not search the drivers online
  2. Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
  3. Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
  4. Choose "MTB USB Device" (IMPORTANT)
  5. Finish
Now the Content Transfer program recognizes NWZ-W202, and the player itself shows in "My Computer" as well!

Hope the above can help out people who have similar problems.

3 Mar 2013

[diary] Freezing @ This Time?

Weird, it's getting cold in March here in Taiwan, maybe the end of the world is coming sooner than I thought?

Never thought the end of the world will ever happen in my life time, but what if it does? Obviously we are not ready, and might not be ready for the next 70 years or so, unless the light speed traveling possibility technology is brought to us by people in future with time traveling. So we might be saved from the end of the world (which should be the Earth, it's all the world for some people), just slightly before we are extincted. Never think that some other life forms will come to save us, the most possible reason that they have contact with us is to gather resources, and they will kill us all to do so. Maybe not all, just leave some for slavery, but still a sad scene just to think about.

Talk about today.

It's freezing, so I stay home when mom and dad went out for sour hotpot. Later in the afternoon, I need to go out, since this monthly report needs to be signed, and my beer, soda and smoke are out. The grocery shopping went well, and I am starting to use the App "GoalTracker" from today, hoping this will help me out in the memory-losing-fast awkward serious life situation.

2 Mar 2013

[diary] 鬼打牆 @ Villaggio Pasta 義式坊



各自決定麵食後,每份都加 $85 成套餐,服務生送上水時說套餐內飲料可更換,只須加上差額,爸媽想把他們兩份套餐內的紅茶各 $30 (x2 = $60) 再加 $10 換拿鐵.



Villaggio Pasta 義式坊
  • 電話:06-2003235
  • 營業時間:
    • AM 11:00~PM02:30
    • PM 05:00~PM09:30
    • 週二公休
  • 地址:台南市大學路18巷15-3號

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25 Feb 2013

[diary] Starting of My PMP Classes

  1. 區間車 3183號 大橋 → 高雄
  2. 高雄車站 → 美麗島站 → 市議會站
  3. 華國金融中心
  4. 市議會站 → 美麗島站 → 高雄車站
  5. 區間車 3228號 高雄 → 大橋

Project management is something I found that I am extremely attracted and actually do well after the career started in Taiwan. A direction that I like to take forward and earn a certification with, PMP; also hoping this will help me in searching jobs and extending career path further next year.

I need to have a study plan, and maybe find a study group in Tainan if possible. Challenges are welcomed, as I have no fear in knowing the limit that I can reach.

24 Feb 2013

[diary] 元宵吃甜甜來年有甜頭

早上好消息,case 成交

延續中午另一個 case 繼續 nice touch.

拿了手機去補包膜邊條,順便用上次相機包保護貼送的手錶保護貼卷,送件完後到大創和 50%,在大創幾乎失心瘋了我,還好有節制.在50%則是好多好想買的呀,尤其那兩件hoodie $1,000,我個人認為我很快就會忍不住跑回去買.


回機車路途中,找了條 micro USB / USB 伸縮傳輸線 ($85),要給新的磚塊型行動電源用,但卻在小北找到更長的 (120cm),嗯,忍住沒再買.


直到現在剛寫完 case 的 course outline 並寄過去,腰酸背痛了我.

23 Feb 2013

[diary] 銀行和我有仇



還好解套的方式是取消原有帳戶,重新申辦一個,但是居中有個 $50 的印鑑變更費用.而原有帳戶內的錢也會一併繳還給本人.拿到了新的簿子,要等五個工作天再拿晶片卡,偕時順便申請網路銀行.



17 Feb 2013

[diary] 禮貌要有共識






29 Jan 2013

[video] Street Fighter Legacy

Very good quality fan film regarding the famous video game "Street Fighter"

  • Akuma is a bit too skinny, don't you think?
  • Both kicking to each other in the end makes sense for the pose, but also make you wonder WHO are you kicking to?
  • Ryu's eyebrow looks like Mr. Bean, yes or no?

[song] 有借有還



越受害越學會自衛 還望一朝可得勢
任何事憑著我一手一腳 拚命為填胃
要諷刺無謂對我吠從未肯 跪低
積怨的那位 會將我眨到底 去理會亦無謂
萬大事未盡信命運 沉著開火不手震
任何事能做到不拖不欠 過活沒遺憾
撐過去無謂再放任 流汗都認真
想到親我的 和維護愛人友人 別渾噩下半生
喜歡每日怨命抱頭流淚嗎 怨下去 還是看天下
無退路以我有義靠你有情來去馬 別再問誰人虛假
豁出心態上了戰場 犧牲一切也由它
時日太快世界太嘈 天的洗禮我不怕
滴著汗像步上絕地 成就摧毀都不理
掘頭路成就我不撓不折 退後便無味
要對抗時代那勢利 從未懂 自卑
反正都會死 從來未退離撤離 在末日未怕死
喜歡每日怨命抱頭流淚嗎 怨下去 還是看天下
無退路以我有義靠你有情來去馬 別再問誰人虛假
豁出心態上了戰場 犧牲一切也由它
時日太快世界太嘈 天的洗禮我不怕
傷我不要緊 來日換我猶有餘刃 做大事要狠
講真每日怨命抱頭無道理 我共你 從未會走避
無退路以我有義靠你有情才有戲 亂世下頑強不死
帶傷的我會變更強 翻身只有這時機
時日太快世界太嘈 只等一句了不起

26 Jan 2013

[diary] 三年來第一次中發票

今天查Junk Mail時,看到一封titled"PChome 線上購物客服中心致函 __親愛的顧客"的信,sender是 "Nobody",想說不是詐騙的;要不就跟我前幾天和商店街商家退貨糾紛有關,點開一看::

親愛的顧客 先生/小姐 您好:

恭喜您在PChome線上購物的訂單: 20121111006** 所開立的統一發票已經中獎,PChome線上購物將會以最快的速度掛號寄出您的發票正本至您的訂購人地址。若您欲修改發票寄送地址,請您收到此通知信函 3天內 至「顧客中心\訂單查詢」留言,我們將儘速為您服務。