10 Dec 2013

[movie] Repo Men (2010)

Rating: ☆☆☆
We are all alive and we are all dead.
I have always loved the British accent of Jude Law and surely it was another great performance by him. Think of a world where organ transfer does not require the wait for someone else to be dead anymore, however, comes with the unbearable sum of payment for artificial organs. When you cannot pay up the loan, the so-called "Repo Men" will come and reclaim these organs right out of you, dead or alive. In fact, you will be dead anyway.

The concept of the story is really original, as it involves with the moral where if the artificial organs surely belong to the company sold, can these organs still be removed when a man's life will be taken away at the same time? A battle between staying alive and value of wealth demonstrates in the movie, and has taken the level of such idea to a more actual ground. We have all seen when people's houses, cars, and properties be taken away by the bank or government, however, people do not die from such action, but only suffer lower quality of live. What happen if it is something that will kill you if were taken away?

I've got one question though, doesn't the insurance cover inquiry occur from the job? Even they are on the contract term, still, there should be insurance covering everything, otherwise, who wants to do jobs like this dangerous?

A business is a business. Really?

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