24 Jun 2013

[diary] Sleepless

It's almost 5:30 in the morning, and yet I can't feel a bit sleepy. Hyper feelings jumping all around in my brain. I always feel there are so much to do, and yet it depresses me when I just feel tired and fall asleep before getting to them.

You know, just a little nap, it won't hurt anyone, right?

No, it always turns out to be a more than 5 hours sleep, and see where I am at now? Sleepless!

At least I did some laundry today, not like that I haven't done anything. A coming week of full time tutoring is something keeping the thoughts going, I suppose. There is a huge thunder storm right now; hope it doesn't last for the week, I hate it when I have to get all wet when riding the bike.

Maybe I should make a list of what I hate and like, there are so many lists I can make out of myself, LOL. I really need to get some sleep now, even though the first class today is at 7 in the evening, but I got this 2 hours class at 9AM on Tuesday, don't want to get all tired now, do we.

The throat ache is sort of leaving and coming, let's see how it goes when I finish all three days of medicines.

[130624 update]: wake up time, 3PM

22 Jun 2013

[diary] Burn in Throat

The side effect of being a full-time English tutor is that you will never know when you are going to lose your voice. The burning sensation in my throat has lasted several weeks now, and I finally took the time on today's day off to check about it.

It turns out that I actually had a cold and did not even notice about it, so my nose has infection that caused my throat to burn. Now I got to take medicines to cure the nose first, then throat would follow.

Got to admit, tutoring full time is good money, even better than when I was working in Taipei, but the irregular schedule for sessions is sort of set back for this type of profession. Anyhow, I am still glad that my TEFL certification which received ten years ago, has its full usage now.

18 Jun 2013

[movie] 狗咬狗 (Dog Bite Dog) 2006





14 Jun 2013

[diary] Smoking & Grave's Disease



是不是該認真地思考這些關聯?菸齡也十八年了,說quit就quit,這個念頭老實說從未cross my mind,但是如果說真的幫助呢?一生服藥也不是我期待的狀態,增長的組織是否能由手術割除呢?


11 Jun 2013

[movie] Soul Surfer 2011

Watching Soul Surfer yesterday had inspired me a lot in many ways. Even when you lose something so important like your arm, but there is always something behind it; a gift, wish or blessing. The possibility is endless, if you only believe in yourself (no, I am a non-believer, so don't feed me god is there that kind of info).

I wish there is more chances for me to give back to the world that gave me so much. Before my journey back to Canada, I must spend some more time in international volunteering.

Couple ideas though:
  • Hawaii is so damn beautiful, if I can find a job there, maybe I will!!
  • Surfing is so cool; probably same as the snowboarding that I have always suck at