29 Jan 2014

[fun] MADtv 機場安檢

Mad TV 第二季 第五集
客串明星: 妮芙 坎貝爾 (Neve Campbell)

片中提到的 "好奇喬治" (Curious George):

好奇喬治是由漢斯.奧古斯托.雷伊和瑪格麗特.雷伊共同著作, 一個很受歡迎的兒童讀物系列. 內容是一隻叫喬治的棕色猴子被一個黃帽人從非洲帶到大都市裡生活.

28 Jan 2014

[fun] 新加坡夜店各類舞步

My first translated video!

I do think these dance moves can apply to all regions of girls though.

新加坡夜店各類舞步 (中文字幕) - Different Types Of Dancers In Singapore Clubs

22 Jan 2014

[diary] 140122

Yesterday, I picked up my repaired PFI for the fourth time, and again, they replaced the so-called module. 


Wel, then I met this guy, Mike, from CA., who was looking a notebook backpack for his daughter, how sweet. Since the clerk there can't really speak English, so I helped out. Turned out he is here for business relating to TSMC or sort.

Then got my skin doctor check up and printed bank books.

Finally I got some time to do my own stuffs.