31 Mar 2015

[urban] Or Naw

Or Naw

是否,要不要.用在發問後的類似形聲詞的俚語,為 "or not" 類聲詞.


"Do you want ice cream or naw?" (nah can also be used)

"你要不要吃冰淇淋?" (也可以使用 or nah 來取代,因為發音類似)


30 Mar 2015

[urban] Keep It Hangin

Keep It Hangin'




Juwan: *Hits perfect shot from 3*
Juwan 射進完美空心三分球,

Ben: "Thats what I'm talking about Keep it hangin'"

Ben "太屌了,就是這樣, keep it hangin'"


"Damn that shot was nice! Next time keep it hangin'!! "

哇,剛那個投籃太帥了,下次 keep it hangin'!!

出處: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=keep+it+hangin%27&defid=8159713

8 Mar 2015

[diary] 150308

Start the study for MOS.

Attack Words first (Chapter 2 finished). The beginning looks easy, but it gets harder, where I don't think that I have much experience using, such as macro. My plan is to finish off the study for all 4 software; Words, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook by the end of the March, then pass the tests before mid-April.

There are much to do before I depart for the new chapter of my life.

We will all eventually get beat down by life, it just happens. Don't cry over it. It is only important how hard you can take the beat down and still have strength to get up when you are on your knees.