13 Dec 2013

[dairy] Words To A Girl Named Lucy

While I was giving a free English volunteering session to a young girl named Lucy last night, I had found out how screw up the society and education system in Taiwan are. However, there is still hope, as I heard the words came out from a youngster been so intelligent. The following words are for you, Lucy.

Yeah baby, what's up
Don't you wonder why they all tell you to shut up
Now suit up and listen up
I got something that's gonna cheer you up

Their lies are about to blow up
Our world ain't a box and sounded like they had it brought up
Yeah, they are all animals that're been chained up
Trained like zombies and thoughts can't keep up

Just like you said that all your friends are all messed up
Following rules like they are words gods talked up
So blind and never know if they goof up

Yo girl, there is something you gotta listen up
It's time for you to smart up and wake up

Question everything and anything, cause you are fed up
Don't just read and believe everything been put up
Asking questions ain't like those fools said are act up
Anyone says you are disordered needs to wise up

Just cause they are chicken, doesn't mean you have to wrap it all up
They had lost brain functions and need fresh back up
The education system you got is screwed up
Ain't nobody's gonna tell you the truth when they are choked up

Telling you gotta do good in school and score up
Next step is a great college to follow up
So there will be a good job for you to sign up
Then get a decent salary so you can get pick up and break up
A family is in order like the path of life has been drew up

If you believe all these non-senses then you are dolled up
You are who you are, so just dream up
When again you got a huge wave coming up
Remember that feeling and get yourself freed up
You got what it takes to get your life doubled up
All the possibilities you get to choose up

Show the facts to them but I know they still won't eat up
Just be who you are and get your dance floor heated up
Everyone of us is unique and nothing's got that fact held up

You are the queen of your own world and that's a sum up
The future is yours to control, so bang it up
Anyone on your way just ignore them before you say heads up
Their eyes and brains need to open up
Somebody's gotta find their buried heart and dig up
Brain damage is hard to fix since they're so psych up

Don't waste your time to shut them up
Clowns as they are just won't listen up
What you need to do is to find your soul and team it up

That's right girl, you're still young to get a soul served up
What you doing now are great, so keep them up
Be brave and ask your way out of life so you won't foul up

Yo girl, that's right, your life is for your own to jazz up
In the end, all I got to say is that you need to juice up
If you need any assist and I will pop up
When you are lost and I will keep you away from messing up
I hate to see your soul goes to waste like those dumbos end up
We got to show the world that we got it hard up

10 Dec 2013

[movie] Repo Men (2010)

Rating: ☆☆☆
We are all alive and we are all dead.
I have always loved the British accent of Jude Law and surely it was another great performance by him. Think of a world where organ transfer does not require the wait for someone else to be dead anymore, however, comes with the unbearable sum of payment for artificial organs. When you cannot pay up the loan, the so-called "Repo Men" will come and reclaim these organs right out of you, dead or alive. In fact, you will be dead anyway.

The concept of the story is really original, as it involves with the moral where if the artificial organs surely belong to the company sold, can these organs still be removed when a man's life will be taken away at the same time? A battle between staying alive and value of wealth demonstrates in the movie, and has taken the level of such idea to a more actual ground. We have all seen when people's houses, cars, and properties be taken away by the bank or government, however, people do not die from such action, but only suffer lower quality of live. What happen if it is something that will kill you if were taken away?

I've got one question though, doesn't the insurance cover inquiry occur from the job? Even they are on the contract term, still, there should be insurance covering everything, otherwise, who wants to do jobs like this dangerous?

A business is a business. Really?