3 Mar 2013

[diary] Freezing @ This Time?

Weird, it's getting cold in March here in Taiwan, maybe the end of the world is coming sooner than I thought?

Never thought the end of the world will ever happen in my life time, but what if it does? Obviously we are not ready, and might not be ready for the next 70 years or so, unless the light speed traveling possibility technology is brought to us by people in future with time traveling. So we might be saved from the end of the world (which should be the Earth, it's all the world for some people), just slightly before we are extincted. Never think that some other life forms will come to save us, the most possible reason that they have contact with us is to gather resources, and they will kill us all to do so. Maybe not all, just leave some for slavery, but still a sad scene just to think about.

Talk about today.

It's freezing, so I stay home when mom and dad went out for sour hotpot. Later in the afternoon, I need to go out, since this monthly report needs to be signed, and my beer, soda and smoke are out. The grocery shopping went well, and I am starting to use the App "GoalTracker" from today, hoping this will help me out in the memory-losing-fast awkward serious life situation.

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