25 Feb 2013

[diary] Starting of My PMP Classes

  1. 區間車 3183號 大橋 → 高雄
  2. 高雄車站 → 美麗島站 → 市議會站
  3. 華國金融中心
  4. 市議會站 → 美麗島站 → 高雄車站
  5. 區間車 3228號 高雄 → 大橋

Project management is something I found that I am extremely attracted and actually do well after the career started in Taiwan. A direction that I like to take forward and earn a certification with, PMP; also hoping this will help me in searching jobs and extending career path further next year.

I need to have a study plan, and maybe find a study group in Tainan if possible. Challenges are welcomed, as I have no fear in knowing the limit that I can reach.

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