28 Sept 2013

[diary] 思念擁有過的東西


I guess I don't care what or how people extend the meaning from my writing, after all, they ain't me, I ain't them. Why should I ever give a damn about what others think when I am only been honest to "myself"? The only problem stands between me and the current situation is miscommunication, and it looks like a very serious problem right now.

Ironically, I teach communication, and how to have effective communication skills; and yet, I am the only one who can't communicate at all. If you ever asked me nicely, I would tell you everything meant in the posted blog, but you didn't. I got pissed and emotioned, then rejected to explain anything just because I felt I've been tried of explaining everything that I don't necessary need to.

We are walking on the line of an endless circle.

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