4 May 2014

[diary] Computer Issues

Over the last couple months, I've encountered number of issues with my two notebooks, Asus X550VC and Lenovo G500s, X550VC had the problem with its speaker, making sound so small like for the ants, G550s can't be connected to my Sony Bluetooth headset.

The problem with G500s was solved after calling the tech and let me installed the Bluetooth driver separately, instead of combining with Wi-Fi driver.

Now I'm re-installing Windows 7 on X550VC, hoping it's just a software issue, otherwise I've got to take to it to the repair station.

Mentioning the Asus repair station, my Padfone Infinity had  yet to request a replacement request replacing the board four times within less than 6 months.

Well, at least I am getting on my feet to actually going through these things, one at a time.

And it did turned out to be the hardware issue with the speaker, damn, I'm good, how did I ever use software to break my hardware...

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