22 Dec 2008

michelle's bday party


十點多就出門的我,先把車停在Sofa旁.跟哥會面一下,就獨自走過去門口.但是bouncer居然跟我說沒有Michelle這個人訂位.i was like, what the hell, then i pretended to make a phone call to Michelle, when i don't even have her number. i tried again saying that if he can look at the list for my name, but then he it will take too much time.

so i went back to alt, and sit there for like a hour. i tried to get jacky to put me on his list, but he said it was full, so i a bit longer hoping that Michelle will call me, since i know she has my number.

well, she didn't call, so alt say that i can use his spot to get in and get him in once i find Michelle. i went in without problem, but there were tons of ppl in the club. i couldn't find her, so i went back to the first floor where the bouncer was. then i saw Michelle’s name on the computer screen, and she put mi mi instead of her name. damn! that was why the bouncer couldn't find her name. i then ask where her table, A3 was, there was a girl, and she got so confused, but after a few minutes, i sort the problem out with another bouncer. god damn it, i have to that they look the same to me. suit with huge body!

anyhow, i got to the 5th floor again and found Michelle’s table. but the first person i see and familiar with was ming! yeah, little eye ming! it's been quite long that i last him, so i was surprised. i then got chock to drink 1/5 bottle of johnny walker. and couple more to mouth shots. then another 1/5 of johnny walker. i stood there and listen to hifana, which was a great band. and they got the visual going so well, that i was so impressed. but then i got bored, but kept stood there for a house. then i decided to go home.

i hugged Michelle and said goodbye. then head on home on my bike. wow, i was so drunk that i ride the bike slow and met a lot of red lights. well, i think i at least drank close to more than half a bottle of whisker. in the end, i suck up a hot dog and bun then head to bed.

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