17 Dec 2008

does it need a title?

when u had someone was so close to you, but yet u have to hide every possible feeling toward that person. is that the sadest thing in the world?

none of the words that i know can describe the feeling i had for you. yet, it was so deep and through. but we will never know right? because i would never be able to see u again, ever.

our world became two, when the decidion was made and back then, i just couldn't forgive myself for lettin u made such decdsion. i thought it was all my falut that u choose another living.

now, i know. it was me, and it was not about you. it was just a game faith played between us.

whenever i tried to remember all the little things between us, memory will play trick with me. for gad's sake, i can't even remember ur face correctly. maybe it is for the best. not remembering anything else, u r just a name to me.

a name that made my world, and a name took everything i had.

yes, indeed. u were everything i ever wanted, and everything i can't have.

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