21 Jul 2008



Life's a game, you have to play by rules.
If you win, you win, if you lose, there's always a next round. (uh..if the season is not over yet)

You chose to let someone into your life, and just that someone choes to leave. Hey,No one to blame. (BUT of course, you can always call them ASSHOLE!, just....don't hate them.)


life is a fuckin game, nobody really fuckin care if you wanna fucking play or not, and sorry kids, there is no win or lose, coz we all fucking lose in the end and there is no fucking next round.

hey, it's your fuckin fault to get fucked over by someone else, or if you just bend over urself, like i fuckin care. go cry out like a stupid baby if you wanna, and go to hell, if they actually allow u to enter, bitach!

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